Consider This: Election Results

Consider This: Election Results

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - On Wednesday morning, my daughter woke up and her first question to me was who won the presidential election.

I told her Donald Trump.

It was a disappointment for her as she was rooting for Hillary Clinton. Not because my daughter is a Democrat or a liberal, she's only seven. She wanted Clinton because she was a girl like her.

My daughter clearly expressed her disappointed and then asked for breakfast and went about her day.

It was just that easy for her to move on, but not so much for the nearly 60 million adults who did vote for Clinton, as they had a much greater grasp of the ramifications. Those people either went to bed in disbelief or woke up in shock that of ALL the misinformation spread in this bitterly fought and downright vicious campaign, none was greater than what was disseminated by the pollsters and pundits who didn't give Donald Trump a chance.

At the end of the day this election didn't end up being about emails and Benghazi or tax returns and temperament; It was about a disenfranchised population that felt left behind or forgotten.

Ultimately President-elect Trump, the model of a Political Outsider, did something that Hillary Clinton didn't. He inspired and motivated a strong base with the hope that politics, as usual, will no longer be tolerated in our nation's capital.

Consider this: Trump's road to the White House is paved with promises of curing our broken healthcare system, of strengthening our economy and protecting us from the threat of terrorism that haunts us at every corner. But that road is also littered with comments, tweets and bravado that have many people concerned about what the next four years might bring.

Let's hope President Trump can do what Candidate Trump wasn't capable of, reaching out to ALL and finding solutions and middle grounds that will make what's not great right now, great again, because whether you voted for him or not, he's earned the right to become our 45th President.

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