With arrests, family of murder victim remembers their loved one

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Local, state and federal authorities announced Thursday the arrest of four members of a gang with national reach, right here in Savannah.

Police say the four men are all documented members of the Bloods gang, which originated on the west coast. And while the arrests will make the streets of Savannah a little safer, it's little consolation to the family of the man the four are accused of killing back in September.

Dominique Powell was gunned down nearly two months ago, but for his sister, and all of his loved ones, the pain hasn't subsided one bit.

"He would have been 25 on the 29th of last month. We had a vigil for his birthday," said Latoyia Humphries while holding a picture of her brother.

In Thursday's news conference announcing the arrests in the case, Savannah Mayor Eddie DeLoach said, "This is a particularly heinous crime for the four suspects, all members of the Blood gang in Savannah, are charged with targeting Mr. Powell."

Police revealed Thursday their investigation found Arthur Newton gave orders to lower-ranking Blood members, Artez Strain, Timothy Coleman and Tyriek Walker to kill Powell, in retaliation.

"He was robbed a week before his murder, by two cousins, blood relatives. Maybe a week later I was on the phone with him at 4:47, and at 5:01 I got a phone call that he was gone," said Humphries.

Humphries couldn't believe it.

"I had to see it. They didn't want me to, but I had to see it. I rushed over, and he was there on the ground. That was the only way I'd believe it was to see it. Cause that was my baby brother."

Humphries said she thought the arrests would bring closure but admits it doesn't really feel like it has. Because no matter what, her baby brother isn't coming back.

"He was a father, he was a good father. He loved his daughter and his stepson to death. Would do anything for them. His daughter changed his life."

Humphries dreads having to explain to her now 1-year-old niece the senseless act that took her father's life, and that continues to take the lives of black men across this city. She is also angry that black on black crime never gets the attention it deserves.

"Had my brother been killed by a policeman or someone of a different race, they would've been swarming around us. And I think that needs to change. No one is going to take us seriously until this stops in our community."

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