Tim's Take: Veterans Day Parade

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - There was a gathering we could be proud of Friday. Veterans Day bringing Savannah and America together in appreciation and respect, to say thank you to those who did for others, who sacrificed and served and kept our country steadfast.

And it happened at just the right time.

"We need that, everyone to come together and just enjoy life," said Savannah resident Charles Taylor, who watched the parade from the corner of Broughton and Abercorn streets. "Don't make it as bad as everyone is making it, just all come together because we are all one."

It has been an unsettling week, disturbing scenes from the streets showing how divided the country is.

It was so much better to take to the streets together today, to express a shared gratitude and appreciation to veterans.

"These are people who dropped what they were doing and picked up for the best of the country," said Don Kilburg, of Greenville, S.C. "So, they deserve our honor."

"I just feel that the service they give is to be appreciated," added Mary Lou Desmond, of North Palm Beach, Fla. "If this is the only thing we can do, then do it."

What Savannah did was celebrate, with marching bands and waving flags, with a cross section of our community watching as a symbol of unity and not the division we've been seeing.

So, while the parade fell on Veterans Day as always, the timing seemed much more important this year.

"As our veterans have said before," said Desmond, "I don't fight for you because you're black, I don't fight for you because you're white or because you're Chinese, you're Catholic or Jewish or Muslim. I fight for you because you are American. And today is the day to remember that."

It's a reminder that would be good every day.

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