Family of soldier injured in Afghanistan praying for strength, healing

EFFINGHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Family and friends of an Effingham County soldier are asking for prayers after their loved one was critically injured during a suicide bomb attack at Bagram Airfield base in Afghanistan, Saturday.

WTOC sat down with his mother, grandmother, and sister.

"Please tell him that his momma loves him so much, and I'm praying that he will be tough and hold on."

Vicki Hencely's son, Winston Hencely, is a proud member of the U.S. Army, but right now, he's fighting for his life in a Germany hospital. Winston is said to be in stable, but critical condition. The injuries are pretty severe, leaving him in a coma.

"A lot of shrapnel damage to the left side of his head, his chest, and the whole left side of his body," said Hencely.

Winston enlisted in the Army when he was  just 17-years-old, with his parents permission. Vicki says she never thought her son would be in this condition.

"I just want him to come home," she said.

"You think, okay, there are so many people there. It's sad for anybody, but surely it couldn't have been my child."

While we were talking to the family, an Army official called to speak with Vicki. Now, they're waiting around the phone to know what can be done about seeing Winston. Neither of them has passports, but military officials say he's not alone. A surrogate mother is in place so Winston won't endure the pain and hardship without some type of family.

"This is so tough. I don't wish those phone calls on anybody."

As you can only imagine, his siblings are also feeling the pain of this tragedy.

"He's not only my brother. Anytime I needed anybody there for  me, he was always there. To know that he's over there by himself and there's no possible way we can get to him hurts so bad," said Ivey Hencely.

Through the tears, there's hope and faith that this too shall pass.

"God laid this on my shoulders, and I'm praying he gives me the strength the be strong for him and to help him with his long road ahead of him."

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