Tiny home provided for Bluffton man after house destroyed by Matthew

BLUFFTON, SC (WTOC) - Hurricane Matthew not only showed the destruction a Cat-2 storm can cause, it also showed how communities come together in the time of need.

We saw lots of neighbors and businesses put their resources together to help their fellow residents.

Matthew brought down thousands of trees across the Lowcountry, including in Bluffton on the Jenkins' house.

"A big tree through my bedroom on my trailer. It tore down the corner of the bedroom of my trailer, and the power line broke the floor, and the roof and the ceiling had pretty good damage," said Johnnie Jenkins.

Jenkins' home was deemed unsafe after officials assessed the structures in the town. He found himself without a place to call home.

"I know I had to find a place to stay, I stayed in a hotel for a few days. So the town came up with an idea," said Jenkins.

So the town came up with an idea.

"We have a relationship with the tiny home developer through our affordable housing committee, and this developer reached out to us and wanted to be a blessing to Mr. Jenkins," said Bluffton Town Councilman Fred Hamilton.

A partnership the town felt was necessary.

"That makes Bluffton a special and unique place, which is why I think Mr. Jenkins was able to get help from others who feel like we have to help each other out when God calls for a natural disaster, he also calls for role models and leaders to make a difference," said Hamilton.

The tiny home will remain on the Jenkins' property until is home is repaired. The tiny house comes at no cost to Mr. Jenkins or the town of Bluffton.

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