Hometown Hero--Robert Kennedy

Robert Kennedy
Robert Kennedy

When an elderly man's home caught fire last Monday, a neighborhood visitor saw the smoke and put his life on the line to save the man's life.

Running into a burning house is not recommended unless you are a trained and properly outfitted firefighter. But that's exactly what Robert Kennedy did when he saw smoke coming from this house.

Kennedy and a few other people tried knocking on the door. They did not get an answer but they knew Horace Hammons was inside.

"I ran around to the back," Kennedy recalled. "Busted the window and you could see smoke and fire throughout his home. I looked around for a minute. Went through a couple of rooms and he was in the bathroom. I snatched him and grabbed him up and we came out."

It didn't take long for the fire to get into the ceiling and spread through the house. Hammons lost everything he owned in the fire, but thanks to Kennedy, he did not lose his life.

"So he broke in and told me, 'Your house is on fire,'" Hammons said. "I went back there to look and saw that fire up in the ceiling."

Robert Kennedy has had some time to reflect on his actions, but remains convinced that he's just a regular guy. "I don't consider what I did that important because I think I did what any human being would do."

For putting himself in grave danger to save someone's life, Robert Kennedy is this week's WTOC Hometown Hero.

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Reported by: Ron Wallace, rwallace@wtoc.com