Tipsters helping CNT apprehend suspects

Tipsters helping CNT apprehend suspects

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Chatham-Savannah Counter Narcotics Team Director Everette Ragan shared a message of community and law enforcement cooperation at Friday's Chatham County Commission meeting.

Out of the nearly two hundred cases opened over September and October, CNT has closed about a third with most of these cases being closed with the help of tipsters.

Director Ragan's message to the Chatham County Commissioners had a theme, he said, that reflected the community's involvement in helping his officers track down and arrest some prolific drug peddlers.

Inside County Commission Chambers, Director Ragan detailed for commissioners the types of drugs and repeated offenders coming off the streets in Chatham County over the past few months.

Ragan says that marijuana and methamphetamine are leading the way in drug seizures, however recently they have seen several large shipments of pot coming in from Colorado.

An average of 45 calls a month come in through tip lines that help point officers in the direction of illegal activity.

Ragan explained what affect recent gang arrests have on the prevalence of drug activity in the community.

"What we have seen when you make those types of arrests, is certainly a ripple effect with the violence. And it certainly makes the other gang members aware that they're being looked at."

The CNT director says his agents have also taken 65 guns off the streets this year from suspected drug dealers and traffickers.

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