Parents report school bus issues in Port Wentworth

PORT WENTWORTH, GA (WTOC) - When children are more than two hours late getting home from school, what parent wouldn't worry?

Some even fear their child could be missing. But what if it isn't the child's fault but the school bus driver?

That's what some parents in Port Wentworth have been dealing with and they're not happy.

It all comes down to staffing, while the Savannah-Chatham County Public School System is almost at full staff they're not there yet, leaving some drivers to double-up on routes.

"Did they break down? Are they in an accident? We don't know, transportation isn't telling us anything," said Port Wentworth resident Bradley Bucher.

Several Port Wentworth parents are fed up and frustrated after they say they've been dealing with late buses "since the beginning of the school year."

Bucher says the bus for his 5-year-old daughter is inconsistent in the mornings.

"One morning didn't come until 10:30, so the time they got back to school lunch was over with so they were starving," said Bucher.

And the kids don't get home on some nights until 6:30.

"They get out at 3:50 they're on the bus for two and a half hours," Bucher said.

So I reached out to the school system Friday and they told me this was an isolated incident because a driver was out.

"In this particular case, as I told you, there was a shortage of drivers. There was a driver out his week on that route and that was forcing a driver to do a double route so that is the reason for the delay, but again those parents should've received a call out," said SCCPSS spokesperson Sheila Blanco.

"The transportation Thursday told us that they didn't know who was driving the bus or where it was at. They couldn't locate it at all," said Bucher.

So what should you do in this situation? The school system is pushing their alert system that should let parents know when there is an issue with the buses. The number to call is 912.395.5591

"You'd ideally like to have a bench of 20 drivers or so to cover routes when someone calls in sick or someone's out on vacation, anything like that. We haven't quite got there yet, we're almost to the point that we're completely covered. I was given the numbers today we need 326 drivers to cover all of the routes, were at 323," said Blanco.

Remember, if you run into any problems with school buses in Chatham County, you're asked to call so they can fix the issue.

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