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Ten pounds of marijuana worth $200K seized in Port Wentworth bust

Agents seized the marijuana in a bust Thursday (Source: WTOC) Agents seized the marijuana in a bust Thursday (Source: WTOC)
Michael Omans (L) and Alejandro Castillo (R) (Source: CNT) Michael Omans (L) and Alejandro Castillo (R) (Source: CNT)
(Source: WTOC) (Source: WTOC)
(Source: WTOC) (Source: WTOC)
(Source: WTOC) (Source: WTOC)

In one of the largest busts tied back to Colorado marijuana, $200,000 worth of marijuana is off the streets of Savannah after a huge bust in Port Wentworth.

Here's what's interesting about the drugs seized Thursday—they started off perfectly legal. The growing number of states legalizing recreational marijuana is bumping up the supply in states that haven't—like Georgia. 

CNT agents said they're targeting those who go to the states where the drug is legal to buy it and then come back here to sell it. They said they have one of the biggest dealers in Chatham County now behind bars.

Agents found nearly 10 pounds of marijuana in the home. Drugs agents said the bust landed Michael Omans and Alejandro Castillo in jail. Neighbors are shocked.

"It's a real quiet, peaceful neighborhood. All the neighbors hang out, friendly, kids run around and have a good time,” said Bradley Long.

"It's kind of shocking.  You've got kids running around here all the time. I just really haven't heard of anything like that in this neighborhood,” said Jonathan Wanzer.

Agent said the men bought the marijuana in Colorado and brought here to sell.

"There is no doubt that they know what they're doing is illegal. They're going to a state where it is legal to buy it in large amounts and then bring it back to Chatham County for the purpose of distributing it,” said Sergeant Gene Harley with the Chatham Narcotics Team.

This makes at least five busts tied back to a legal purchase of marijuana in other states. Now with eight states and D.C. allowing the recreational use of the drug, that number might keep climbing.

“We target those individuals. We go after them. And what CNT is about going after is the actual dealer,” said Sgt. Harley.

Sgt. Harley called these two men two of the biggest dealers in our county. Agents won't quit the fight against a drug now legal in a large portion of the US.

"Number 1, it's simply illegal in the state of Georgia, and number 2, despite what a lot of people may think, violent crime is regularly associated with marijuana,” said Sgt. Harley. "We hope that this is a lesson to anyone who may think about taking their place, that CNT is out and about, and we simply will not tolerate it."

Sgt. Harley wants to be very clear—buying drugs legally in one state could lead to charges of drug trafficking and prison time in another.

We don't know if the marijuana bought in Colorado was driven back or sent by mail from the business. Sgt. Harley says they will report the business that sold these drugs to federal agents.

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