Remembering Don Logana: His charitable causes

Remembering Don Logana: His charitable causes

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Don Logana was a big man. That came across on camera.

But Don's size was measured less in stature than in presence, by his involvement in, support of and contribution to so many causes across this community.

"Don was," said the former president of the Savannah Better Business Bureau, Scott Howard, "warm, open, kind and helpful. He was always helpful."

"It's an incredible loss for Savannah," added Ruel Joyner of Savannah's Downtown Business Association. "He truly is Savannah's champion and he's left his mark."

Don left that mark on a variety of charities in town, setting records for the amount of money he raised for Multiple Sclerosis through the MS Walk, taking up for the less fortunate with his feet and with his heart.

"I think Don got it," said Kevin Sheehan, president of the Savannah AMBUCS. "Don got that he had a platform to make a difference and he did it and he used it correctly. He didn't use it to brag, he didn't use it to get attention for himself, he used it to make Savannah a better community."

Don got involved with the Savannah AMBUCS five years ago and never left.

For the last five years, he was at the center of the organization's fundraising and more.

"He was big about getting our name out there," said Sheehan. "People now know a lot more about AMBUCS because Don cared."

One the causes he cared most about was people. His news stories were often intended to prevent people from being taken advantage of.

"We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Don for when he and I worked on so many stories, I couldn't even count how many we did," said Howard. "But I knew I could always count on him to help get the out the key component. The key was to get that word out to help people."

It is that legacy of helping people, the size of Don's heart and charitable effort, which will remain his mark in the community.

"There wasn't a thing this guy hasn't touched, not put his back into, not shouldered," said Joyner. "He has given selflessly to so many people and so many causes."

"Don changed lives," added Sheehan. "I don't know a better way to say it. There are kids on bikes today and there are adults bowling today because Don cared enough about AMBUCS that Don was not going to let it go."

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