Community tips impacting CNT investigations

Community tips impacting CNT investigations

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Have the tables really turned? Are you so sick and tired of violent crime in Savannah that you're finally ready to turn in the criminals?

The Chatham-Savannah Counter Narcotics director is certainly hoping so and the numbers are moving in that direction.

Director Everette Ragan told the Chatham County Commission Friday the theme of his monthly presentation was community involvement, pointing to the number of CrimeStopper tips over the past two months.

From roughly the beginning of September to the end of October, 71 people living in Chatham County - sick and tired of watching crime happen on their streets - called CrimeStoppers to leave an anonymous tip that was then passed along to CNT.

What's eye-opening about just how far those tips go, the director of CrimeStoppers says about a third of the anonymous calls passed through to Counter Narcotics, on average, lead to an arrest.

"We are developing a relationship with the people in the community. We are working on regaining the trust of the people in the community," said Pamela Rountree, with CrimeStoppers.

Rountree says that trust in CrimeStoppers waned through leadership changes in their office. But they, along with law enforcement leaders like the CNT director, are optimistic that's changing.

"Once they learn about the program and they understand that CrimeStoppers, we work for them, we work with them. We are the community," said Rountree.

Many times, Rountree says tipsters don't even want the reward for information that leads to an arrest, just safer streets.

"They're tired of it. I know the elderly folks are. From looking at the news, some of them are very fed up with it, and if they know who it is, they will report them," said Mrs. Parker, a crossing guard.

Much like keeping an eye on the children crossing Mills B. Lane.

"Keep your head on a swivel."

Mrs. Parker says we need to keep an eye out for trouble, and not be afraid to report it.

One thing CrimeStoppers does want to make sure people understand, that when you want to leave an anonymous tip, call CrimeStoppers not 911. 911 calls are not anonymous.

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