GSP troopers stress holiday travel safety on Sunday

GSP troopers stress holiday travel safety on Sunday

GEORGIA (WTOC) - It's one of the busiest travel days of the year as many folks head home from their Thanksgiving destinations Sunday.

Crashes have already claimed 13 lives on Georgia roadways the weekend - including 1 in Chatham County on Thursday. That's up from nine last year through the entire weekend.

Georgia State Patrol troopers are stressing the importance of following holiday travel tips to get home safely. They tell us they will continue to be out on the roadways Sunday to check for speeders, seatbelt violators, and distracted and drunk drivers.

Troopers would like to remind drivers to follow speed limits and road signs as you travel and use caution as you approach any work zones. Also, drivers should check to make sure that everyone in the car is buckled up, especially those of you traveling with young children.

Officials say it is extremely important for drivers to always focus on the road because they say distracted drivers are some of the most dangerous drivers.

"Distracted driving can be just as dangerous as DUI. Somebody that's not paying attention to the roadway, that's not paying attention to their speed, not paying attention to whether they're in their lane or not, and distracted driving doesn't necessarily have to be texting or talking on the phone," said Trooper Dan Chernich, GSP.

Some of those other distractions include road maps, food, or kids in the backseat. Troopers say the best thing to do it to pull over to avoid driving distracted if you need to take your eyes off the road.

Also, be patient since traffic is expected to be heavy.

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