Burton Fire District prepares for busy roads during holidays

Burton Fire District prepares for busy roads during holidays

BEAUFORT, SC (WTOC) - Burton Firefighters were called out to two major traffic accidents in less than a week in Beaufort.

They say they're anticipating more calls to come in as the roads get busier during the holiday season.

"This year has been, it seems to be particularly tragic for us, for the Burton Fire District in roadways. We've had a lot of fatalities and very serious injuries on our roadways," said Daniel Byrne, Burton Fire District.

Just last night a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle on Joe Frazier Road near Broad River Blvd. The woman suffered serious injuries and was taken to Beaufort Memorial for treatment.

This happened just days after a fatal accident where a motorcyclist was killed after being trapped underneath a vehicle. Officials say it's the busy time of year out on the road people driving more distracted than usual.

"It's supposed to be a relaxing, joyful time of the year, but often time it's stressful for people and they put safety on the back burner. They don't put safety in the forefront," said Byrne.

He says the number of accidents they're seeing this year is on par with years past, the difference is the outcome. This year they're seeing way more serious injuries and fatalities as a result.

"And often times that little moment of inattention in safety can cause lasting ramifications. And unfortunately there are two families right now, their holidays have been changed tragically," said Byrne.

Officials just want to make sure drivers have their full attention on the roads and are especially careful during this busy holiday season.

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