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Farmers in South Georgia desperately need rain

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The dry weather that makes things more convenient for most people has many farmers worried about the season ahead.

They'll soon need some rain on the ground to help get crops started. This season for cotton and peanuts has had more ups and downs than an out of control elevator. It started with a record number of hot dry days this past summer. Now, the drought that's helped them harvest could soon hurt them right around the corner.

Wade Hodges and his crew are picking some of the last cotton acres in Bulloch County right now. Hurricane Matthew dropped inches of rain on the crop, but it hasn't seen rain since then. 

"We've picked every day since the hurricane; well as soon as it dried off. We've picked every day since that," Hodges said. 

Hodges and others are beginning to worry about the drought. The ground remains too dry for ranchers who plant grass for grazing and for farmers who plant cover crops to retain ground moisture through the winter.

"Don't forget, we plant some small grains; wheat, rye. It's time to get that planted also," said Bill Tyson, UGA Extension Service. 

Hodges says they have a few more days of harvest left, then they'll watch the skies...and wait. Once they get the cotton and peanuts out of the fields, they'll need some showers to recharge the soil.

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