Investigation finds no wrong-doing by current chief of Savannah Fire & Emergency Services

Investigation finds no wrong-doing by current Chief of Savannah fire and emergency services.

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The investigation is over into complaints against Savannah Fire and Emergency Service's current chief, Charles Middleton.

The City of Savannah hired a private firm to investigate the allegations of a hostile work environment including unfair promotions, discipline and pay, along with the chief's management style.

The investigation included interviews with all of the people presenting complaints including all battalion chiefs and current and former employees. The investigation found that while Chief Middleton can be caustic in dealing with employees, many of the allegations raised are based on false or exaggerated information.

The report also says the investigation didn't find any illegalities, acts of moral turpitude or gross excesses of authority by the chief or any of his subordinates.

Middleton responded to the city's report released this week.

"The report speaks for itself. I think that we're on a good path right now and the fire department, you know when you, as within an organization, there it going to be some discord, but we, we'll move forward," said Middleton.

According to the report, not one complaint was sustained.

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