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Second controlled detonation this week in Savannah

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Two controlled detonations took place in Savannah this week, all thanks to two live cannonballs, found near Broughton and Barr streets. 

"I was just transporting dirt from one place to another place," said Marvin Stewart. 

Marvin is a construction worker and was in the area when he found the live explosive. He says while digging through the dirt, he felt his equipment hit something that seemed unfamiliar.

"I guess you can say it was an 11-inch mortar. My understanding was it was supposed to be from the 1800s," Stewart said. 

When we asked him if he was scared once that happened, he said, "no, not really, it just happens."

A local historian was on the scene for Wednesday morning's controlled detonation. He says it could be uncommon to have this sort of discovery.

"Places up around Virginia, they had more battle. We find more. It's rather unusual to find them here, especially since there wasn't an active mortification on that sight," James Byous said. 

Right now, you're probably wondering if there are more explosives to be found out there. Byous says it's not likely. 

"I don't think any more are there. There's only a small patch of dirt that they haven't touched," he said. 

Whenever a danger such as this poses a threat to the public, police have to take extra precautions to make sure everyone stays safe. Metro's Bomb Squad, Ft. Stewart's EOD Unity, and Savannah Fire were all on scene standing by in case they were needed.

"Public safety was our primary concern; not knowing the type of device that we were dealing with, and also taking instructions from the military EOD, along with our own EOD. We wanted to make sure that we had a block radius that was standard for an ordinance of that size," said Lt. Torance Garvin, SCMPD. 

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