Forestry crews across Southeast GA assist those battling brush fires in Georgia mountains

Forest crews across Southeast GA assist those battling brush fires in Georgia mountains.

LIBERTY CO., GA (WTOC) - Rain showers in North Georgia Wednesday brought a big boost to forestry teams fighting the monstrous brush fires they've faced since early November.

Forestry crews from Liberty County and across Southeast Georgia have platooned in and out of the North Georgia mountains to help crews with this out of control brush fire.

The past two weeks for Frank Lane were like nothing he'd seen in his forestry career. Acres of hills and mountains on fire. His team helped protect a neighborhood of homes, wetting the roofs and clearing any trees or limbs that might ignite near them.

"The biggest thing was the fire burning along the ridge, just due to the terrain," said Lane, with GA Forestry.

Chief Ranger David Duke has juggled schedules with half his team in North Georgia at a time. He says this fire is different from what we see down in the flat lands.

"Brush fires spread with the weather, with the topography. So it's not like a house fire spreading from room to room. You're going up the side of a mountain," said Duke.

Lane says the simplest things, like breathing, get harder.

"The smoke was pretty bad, with all the fires going on at the same time," said Lane.

Both say the rain storm Wednesday helped contain the fire, but they'll need more showers to get it out for good.

Crews here haven't been given any schedule for when you could be sent back up there. But they know they must always be ready at a moment's notice.

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