Three Life Sentences for Horne

The man convicted for killing the manager of a Church's Chicken heard his fate. Today Judge Michael Karpf sentenced him to three life sentences in prison.

Derek Horne got the maximum sentence for each charge, including murder, kidnapping and armed robbery.

Judge Karpf is doing everything is his power to keep Horne locked up for good. "I have heard a lot of serious cases in this court, but I cannot recall one worse than this," he said.

Thursday, a jury convicted Horne of robbing 25-year-old Sean Abraham at the Church's Chicken on West Bay Street. When Sean ran, Horne chased him down and executed him as he pleaded for his life.

"The mandatory sentence for murder, malice murder is life in prison, that sentence is imposed," said the judge.

Sean's mother Pam Abraham says she is satisfied with that. "It's unfortunate for the Horne family, but he's dangerous."

The prosecution called him mean. Judge Karpf said that's a mild word and called him evil and vicious. The judge told Horne if he even has a heart it is malignant.

Horne's attorney asked the judge for lenience since Horne is only 19 years old. But he got life, for taking Sean's.

"Sean had no children, he was our only child, you took our future, you took our future," said Pam.

It's a tragedy she hopes no other family will have to face, and says the guilty verdict and this sentence is a start.

"City of Savannah, we did it and I hope it sends a message out there to these other criminals or people who are thinking about it," she said. "City of Savannah, don't come here because the civilians here, we're not not taking it any more."

Pam Abraham has remained strong through all this, even feeling sorry for Horne. She hopes he finds remorse for what he's done and finds his heart.

The other man accused of Sean's murder is Charles Hill. His case is scheduled for trial later this summer.

Reported by: Michelle Paynter,