Officials investigating 3 potential arson cases on Sunday in Chatham Co.

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Fire and police investigators are following up on leads to determine what caused what are believed to be three separate intentionally set fires in Chatham County on Sunday.

One happened on Grove Point Road, damaging two vacant buildings. The other destroyed a tractor-trailer and damaged several others.

There were no reported injuries in either case, thankfully, but the loss of property, especially for the independent truck driver who lost his rig to the arson, is devastating.

This wide-open lot just off Highway 17 at Buckhalter Road is rented out to truck drivers who own and drive their own big rigs. Monday, many of them came out to assess the damage caused by the fire and also take stock of their own rides.

In the video shot by a bystander Sunday night, you can see how dangerous the blaze got.

For the past month, drivers tell me trucks sitting here have been burglarized, thieves taking out items like radios and other valuables. But one driver I spoke to says the fire is far more detrimental, not only for the loss of property but also for the loss of work.

"That is our source of income, not only for ourselves but also some sublease drivers that depend on riding in the truck to provide for themselves and their family. Also, it creates delays or other problems with customers and brokers who maybe depend on you for providing their service to them," said Mark A. Williams, an independent truck driver.

We'll be sure to bring you any new info on either arson case as soon as we get it.

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