Lyons resident hoping city helps with sewer drainage issues

Lyons resident hoping city helps with sewer drainage issues
Bad weather has brought a bad mess to one man's property in Lyons.

Washouts have meant erosion and some scary debris on his land and into nearby waterways. The homeowner here on Akins Lane says it is not just rain water that overflows that manhole and onto his property each time they have a downpour.

Bobby Akins found a mess when he began clearing some of the woods next to his home. He took pictures during the last rain storm that blew the cover off the sewage line. He says it brought things like this toothbrush and more.

“We've had hypodermic needles, we've had sanitary napkins, anything you can imagine,” said the homeowner, Bobby Akins.

A ditch back here also brings old furniture and more when it overflows.

“It would come through here like a rushing river. It cut a ditch into the old ditch,” said Akins.

The erosion has toppled trees as well. He says he's gotten little cooperation or concern from the city.
But Lyons Mayor Willis Nessmith tells me they're gearing up for a $13 million upgrade through community block grants. He says they'll beef up the sewer network and reroute part of the sewage that passes Akins on the way to the nearby sewer treatment site.
“Which should take at least 50 percent of the flow from that line. That should be a temporary elevation,” said Mayor Nessmith.
He says they've been in contact with the state and reported the overflows.

“I know they have a plan to fix this in the future. But what about what it has done to me and my property over the years,” said Akins.

I'll stay on this story and let know you what happens.

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