Good News: Step Up Savannah Apprentice Program

Good News: Step Up Savannah Apprentice Program

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - They have gotten the training, now they have the honor.

Recent graduates of Step Up Savannah's Chatham Apprentice Program were recognized by the Chatham County Commission on Friday for completing the intensive four-week training program to become more employable.

Each of the honorees, who were previously unemployed or underemployed, developed skills to compete in the job market, secure employment and become more self-sufficient.

"A lot of times people feel underappreciated, misunderstood. What the cap program allows is for people to build their self-esteem. We heard that today with the participant who is making $4.50 extra an hour and that translates to $9,300 a year extra when you look at a 40-hour position," said Step Up Savannah Executive Director Jennifer Singeisen.

Step Up Savannah and the Chatham Apprentice Program are funded by Chatham County, the City of Savannah, SEDA, the United Way and Georgia Power.

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