GSP hosts Toys for Tots drive, car seat check at Fred’s in Rincon

EFFINGHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Georgia State Troopers at the Effingham County post wrapped up their Toys for Tots drive Friday night in Rincon.

They set up at the Fred's for two hours Friday night. They say this is a great way for them to get involved in their communities in a good way as opposed to writing someone a ticket.

Troopers also checked car seats for parents.

"Four out of five car seats are installed improperly and that's a big thing that I see out on the roads. Parent has a car seat; they're trying to make sure they're safe but they're just not educated in the correct way," said GSP Trooper Daniel Chernich.

If you missed Friday's event, you can stop by a state patrol post in your area or go to the local department of public health for a car seat check.

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