Memorial Day Observed with Parade, Ceremony at National Cemetery

The parade in Beaufort.
The parade in Beaufort.
Gathering at the National Cemetery.
Gathering at the National Cemetery.

While many spent the day relaxing at home, others took time out to attend the Memorial Day parade in Beaufort, South Carolina. The Beaufort High School band kicked it all off.

Hundreds of people lined the streets in downtown to show their respect for for those who died in defense of our country and those men and women who are serving our country now.

It was a moving tribute to many military families. "We're very excited to see everyone supporting our troops," said military wife Angela Gearhart.

Many of the veterans and active-duty Marines and sailors participated in this year's parade.

But the Memorial Day activities in Beaufort didn't stop there. Hundreds came out to a special ceremony at the Beaufort National Cemetery.

It's always a very touching service. This kind of patriotism is something today's keynote speaker, Col. David Brown of the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office, is proud to see happening.

"A turnout like this is really good and rewarding," he said. "It pays respect for what Memorial Day really is and how those freedoms they'll enjoy later on came about. We kind of lost that somewhere between Korea and Vietnam War. and now I see a lot more of that coming back and that's special."

Especially for this retired Marine who come from a long line of military service.

Although this holiday has always been a special holiday for the Brown family, this year, it has special meaning. "I have four immediate members of my family serving on active duty," said Brown. "My son is in Iraq, my daughter is in the Third ID in Hinesville, and my daughter and son-in-law. So this Memorial Day is special."

The Brown family can't be all be physically together on this holiday. They say being a part of this ceremony is what they need to be doing.

"Doing this right now, I feel I'm honoring my brother for what he's doing over there in Iraq," said Patricia Perez.

Col. Brown actually got a call from his son in Iraq today and he's doing just fine. In fact, Brown says his son is upbeat about serving our country.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,