Donated Christmas gifts stolen from TMT Farms in Bulloch Co.

BULLOCH CO., GA (WTOC) - The Christmas lights at Deborah and Roy Thompson's farm draw more visitors each year. Folks from across Georgia and beyond line up to drive the mile and a half long display of holiday magic.

"Friday and Saturday night, the average wait time to get in was about two hours to come from the highway," said Thompson.

The Thompson's don't charge any admission. Not even to pay their power bill. They just ask for food or toy donations that they pass along to those less fortunate.

Sometime Friday, someone tried to steal Christmas by taking more than 100 collected toys.

"I got home about 4:30 Friday and they were all gone," Roy said.

Word of the theft spread across Facebook.

"Last night, it was evident that people were affected by this," said Deborah.

Sunday night, visitors and donations poured in even harder than the rain, touching the Thompsons deeper than the crime itself

"With the outpouring of love for TMT out here from citizens, hey, I've almost forgotten about it," said Roy.

Had the crooks stolen food, the Thompsons would have chalked it up to someone feeding a hungry family. Stealing toys makes them think otherwise. But they still have a plea to the thief.

"This is an odd request, but we'd like you to find needy children to give them to and maybe you can experience the same feeling we experience out here," Roy said.

The Thompsons say the crime won't dampen their efforts to help others feel the meaning of Christmas.

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