Beating the Holiday Blues

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The holidays are known for being a joyous time to spend with friends and family, but for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one or away from family, it can be a really rough time.

This is also known as the "Holiday Blues", but you don't have to go through this time all alone.

One thing you can do is get out of the house and maybe volunteer to be around other people. The good thing though is that the blues don't last forever.

"During the holidays a lot of times there are people who feel sad, lonely, even start to feel isolated," said licensed therapist Steve Weinman.

The holiday blues can be a real downer and they can be triggered by being sad, the loss of a loved one, old memories or living in a new area away from family.

"And this is the time where typically people have a lot of traditions, a lot of rituals that they're used to so they're losing out on those," said Weinman.

Weinan says there are three simple things you can do to pick your spirits up.

"Get out and do something, they volunteer, or that they finish a project those to me are the three things that are going to get you going. They're going to get you feeling better and get you less thinking about the sadness, the loneliness and more about how you're helping. How you're being productive and you may actually have a good time doing it," said Weinman.

Volunteering is a good way to interact with others and meet new people instead of focusing on the bad thoughts.

"Having the opportunity to serve others, to help others, to lift others who are hurting during this time of year is a wonderful way to redirect our energy and so our energy is not directed towards what we don't have, but our energy is directed toward what we do have," said Pastor Dahenri Thurmond.

Pastor Thurmond says anyone can help volunteer at his church Saint Paul CME Church on Christmas day to help feed the hundreds who need a hot meal.

"If you're feeling those blues and it's going to be short term, then for the moment do something different get your mind off of it distract yourself do things that are going to make you feel better," said Pastor Thurmond.

The Salvation Army also has opportunities to volunteer during the holiday season.

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