A 'Smaller' Christmas: Family's home destroyed by Hurricane Matthew

(Source: Williams family)
(Source: Williams family)

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The Williams family tells me this year would have been 20 Christmases inside their family home, but this year they're going to have to spend it in an apartment as you can see tarp is still on top of the roof and trash bins still in the yard.

"It was flooded in there, the roof was completely open in the living room, the sun was glaring in at that time and the attic was on the floor of the living room."

Dori and Weyman Williams talked about their transition out of their 1,500 square foot home into an apartment with two cats.

Married for 32 years, this incident made them an even stronger as a couple.

"We raised the kids there in the house."

While holding hands they took me to their home to see some of the damage.

"That was our furnace that took a direct hit."

Walls gutted, appliances on the floor but the humble couple says it has been a smooth transition.

"It's material we didn't get anybody hurt and we have insurance so everything can be replaced that was damaged. It's just a matter of moving forward one day at a time."

Back at their apartment, they ran across a picture of their old Christmas tree.

"There's last year tree. It sure does look different, oh yea"

"I started not to do any decorating but this little bit has been enough."

In this time, they've lost a loved one, had a parent go through major surgery, and an anniversary. They're getting back to normal but their focus in on family and things that really matter.

"As soon as we get the paperwork straightened out then we can get the people in to start working on the house.

"What is the time frame that you guys are looking at," I asked.

"We don't really have one yet. I'm hoping to maybe be back in the house in April...that may be unrealistic."

Despite the significant downgrade for the time being, they're just happy to be able to spend the holiday season with their family.

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