Police Patrol Schools on Last Day of Classes

The last day of school can be a day of headaches for police. Middle and high schools around Savannah have had all sorts of problems in the past, particularly with fights.

We checked to find out why police gathered outside Windsor Forest High School. Police say they were happy for the most part, but there was a good hour when they had to keep moving people along to keep a fight from breaking out.

Some kids say more than a half dozen patrol cars keeping an eye on things was overkill. But SCMPD officers say it likely wouldn't have been all right if they hadn't been there.

"The typical problems are fighting, bullying, kid violence," said Lt. Harry Trawick. "And then we've seen in the past people that don't go to school come into the area and create problems for us."

Police did make one arrest tuesday afternoon when they found out a person who'd been loitering was already wanted by the police for another offense. And several times, officers had to clear out a couple dozen kids who were milling around.

Several students we talked with say the students were waiting for police to leave so they could fight.

Police say one of the main reasons there weren't too many problems Tuesday afternoon is because they started stepping up patrols last Friday. And the weather might not have been pretty, but it was perfect for police.

"The weather's great," said Lt. Trawick. "We're hoping it's going to rain harder, maybe some thunder and lightning would keep everyone inside."

School let kids out in stages starting around noon, and they were milling around for a while, but police planned on keeping watch around the area until at least 4pm this afternoon.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite, ccowperthwaite@wtoc.com