Family Returns from Vacation to Home Destroyed by Fire

The remains of William Edwards' home.
The remains of William Edwards' home.

Many families are still out of town on vacation, and some of them are coming back to homes no longer there. In less than two weeks, two families lost their homes in fires while they were on vacation.

The latest fire happened just last night on 52nd Street in Savannah. The family was in Daytona and had to come all the way back home to find out they lost everything.

"Just about everything is gone," said tenant William Edwards. "It's just so messed up, I couldn't do anything with it anyways."

The fire broke out in the middle of the night while Edwards and his wife were vacationing in Florida. He received a startling phone call from a friend a few hours later. "I got a phone call this morning about 5:30am and she said that my house was on fire and she'd seen it on the news, so I left Daytona this morning and I just got in here to find this."

What he found was nothing but charred ruins of the life he and his wife had built, gone in a matter of seconds.

The story was much the same last week for a family who lived on Montgomery Cross Road. Fire ripped through their home just a few days after they left on vacation.

The landlord, Pratt Jenkins, who lives next door, could do nothing to stop the fierce blaze. "When I got dressed and I run outside and the whole thing was just gone and I said, 'Lord, there ain't no need to put a garden hose on that,'" he said

The family is still on vacation. What they left behind will no longer be there when they get back home, or what they used to call home. "They lost everything. I'm so sorry for them," Jenkins said.

Fire Officials say this fire started with the refrigerator, one of the many appliances that can short without warning.

While the cause of last night's fire is still under investigation, William Edwards is just thankful he and his wife weren't at home. That's a blessing and I'll just have to go from here."

Savannah fire officials suggest that if you leave your home for an extended period of time, be sure all your appliances are properly shut off or unplugged if you want to be on the safe side.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,