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Last Day of School in Chatham County

Today might have seemed like the longest day for the students in Savannah-Chatham County public schools. This was the last day of school.

The classrooms at Hesse Elementary were filled with students and parents who came to celebrate graduation and help clear out their desks.

While some students are excited about the end of the school year, others have mixed emotions. "I am very excited but am also very sad because this is my last day of school and I won't be at Hesse, I am going to middle school," said student Rachael Legear.

Some students could hardly wait to get going with summer. "At the end of June I'm going on a cruise for a week, at the end of July I'm going to Atlanta and Six Flags and all the parks," said student Ashley Whitt.

School starts back in mid-August.

Reported by: Randall Allen

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