GSP troopers urge caution when driving in foggy conditions

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Georgia State Patrol says they are concerned about the dense fog. They want to make sure you stay safe.

The big takeaway they want to make sure drivers know before they get behind the wheel is safety.

Dense fog clouding up the roadway, making visibility an issue as cars hit the road Tuesday morning and into the afternoon. The Georgia State Patrol trooper I spoke with says this can be an issue for even the most experienced drivers.

They are urging drivers to take every precaution they can. This means making sure intersections are completely clear before crossing, avoiding following too closely to other cars, using signals before turning or changing lanes well in advance and making sure those headlights are on. It's a big risk he says he saw several drivers taking on the roads Tuesday morning.

"The biggest mistake would be thinking that their headlights are actually on, just because they're in automatic mode. A lot of people think when they're driving in the fog that their headlights are automatically on. The automatic mode basically functions for day and night.  That was the common theme. People thought their headlights were on just because they're in automatic mode," said Sgt. Dale Howard, with GSP.

Before you leave Wednesday, he is urging drivers to double check their cars to make sure their lights are all on and working properly and to check your speed since visibility will be limited Wednesday morning.

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