Chatham County Animal Services continues cleaning for parvovirus

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Chatham County Animal Services is being disinfected twice a day, every day until Tuesday to make sure a potentially deadly virus is gone.

A recently adopted puppy was diagnosed with parvovirus. It's highly contagious to dogs and can kill them.

All 66 dogs at the shelter are now in quarantine while the cleaning continues.

"It's just clean and disinfect as well as keep the animals separate from each other as well as us not handling the animals at all because it is very easy to transfer from animal to animal to animal while you're handling them," said Chatham County Animal Services Director Kerry Sirevicius. "It's extremely deadly and even in an adult animal there are certain strains that are very deadly to adult animals, especially if one has not been vaccinated."

Animal Services will reopen to the public Tuesday. They say all dogs in quarantine are looking healthy and showing no signs of parvovirus.

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