Good News: New way to donate to Goodwill

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Just two days left until the new year, and just two days to get a tax write off by donating to Goodwill. But there's a new way to donate those gently used items, and it involves a new service from Amazon.

People are hard at work sorting through your donations to Goodwill in Savannah. Goodwill wants you to know these donations will change lives.

"The important thing to remember is that your stuff, your unwanted stuff, helps us create jobs and job opportunities for those looking to gain employment. That is the mission of Goodwill," said Community Engagement for the Goodwill of Southeast Georgia Vice President Cynthia Barnes.

If you did your holiday shopping online, chances are you probably have empty boxes lying around. But instead of throwing those boxes away, you can fill them up with donations. You can either bring those boxes directly to Goodwill or ship them for free through the Amazon Give Back Box Program.

"Instead of sending those boxes to a landfill or dump, we encourage people to fill up those boxes with things they no longer need or want. and donate them to Goodwill," said Barnes.

Boxes don't need to be from Amazon, but they have to meet UPS or USPS regulations.

Just follow these steps to take part:

  • Empty your old shipping box.
  • Fill the box with stuff, clothing, accessories or household items.
  • Then print a free shipping label at
  • Drop your box off at UPS or the U.S. Postal Service. They'll deliver it to the nearest participating Goodwill location.

"Last year we helped 5,100 people in our employment centers and 1,400 find employment in Southeast Georgia.  So know that you are keeping things out of the landfill and putting people to work," Barnes said.

When you use the free service, you can still get a tax receipt emailed to you once your box is received.

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