Downtown businesses report increased traffic during holiday season

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - As the holiday season comes to a close, businesses in Savannah are taking stock and talking to us about how they fared.

Hotels, restaurants and retail were just a few industries looking to cash in as marketing efforts ramped up this year, especially along Broughton Street.

I've heard from several workers along Broughton Street, from a pub employee to a pedicab driver, that the effort to make this stretch more of a holiday shopping destination seems to be paying off.

While the leaders of the Savannah Downtown Business Association tell me they don't keep exact numbers from each member, they've heard encouraging news from this holiday season.

Hotels boarding visitors and potential patrons for downtown businesses close to the action like the Cotton Sail, Bohemian and Hotel Indigo report at-capacity weekends for Christmas and New Year's Eve.

Shops along River Street had much better weather to work with for the New Year's Eve celebration compared to last year, when rain postponed the "Up the Cup" event.

Back to Broughton Street, I caught up with a pedicab driver who also worked last year's holiday season, and asked her how the two compared.

"There's definitely a lot more foot traffic. The main, like Forsyth, has been a little bit more dead. But the main strips of City Market to here on Broughton, is a lot more."

One of the major attractions for the first-ever Holidays on Broughton was this huge tree, a site that hosted puppet shows and Santa throughout the holiday season.  The tree that's been up since the end of November is set to come down Tuesday.

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