Screven Co. man's home destroyed by fallen trees

SCREVEN CO., GA (WTOC) - Severe storms pushed through the northern part of our area late Monday night and left damage in Screven County.

The single hardest hit spot left a man without a place to live. As not one but two trees landed on his home.

Loyd Taylor said he was standing in his living room when one tree fell about 10 feet from him, then another fell on the other side. He says he wasn't sure which way to run.

He believes this was a tornado because of how he says it twisted the pine tree before it fell. He started sawing the trees Tuesday morning to get them moved.

He's been in this neighborhood his entire life and remembers just last fall when Hurricane Matthew brought rain and winds for hours. This, he says, was different.

"This lasted less than five minutes long. First, you heard the hail hitting the house, then shooooom. There was crashing on the house, and then it was gone," said Taylor.

The county had calls of trees on roadways and they have cleared those. They haven't gotten any reports of major damage outside of Taylor's.

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