Keeping Your New Year's Resolution: Savannah fitness experts weigh in

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Gyms and fitness centers across Savannah are busy!

"Not only are people making resolutions but the colleges are back in session so attendance definitely goes up," said Kelley Boyd, owner of Savannah Yoga Center.

"Right now we are seeing an influx of people," said Laisa Jimenez, manager at Planet Fitness. "There are a lot of new faces that we're seeing."

New faces trying to start a new habit.
"A life change," said Jimenez. "We love to see people come in one person and walk out another."

However, it's not always easy to stay the course. Every year, it's typical for gym memberships to go up in January but then eventually go down.

"About three months in, and then we'll see a bit of a decline," said Hillary Bradbury, with the YMCA.

So, what's the key to breaking past that three-month mark?

"Try something new and hopefully that will kind of find the right place for you to keep that momentum up and continue your success in your resolutions," said Bradbury.

"I suggest that people have a firm vision of what it is that they want to see, what kind of difference they want to see," said Boyd. "Write down your schedule, how you can really work it into your schedule and then go ahead and schedule those dates with yourself like you would an appointment with anybody else."

Most importantly they say stay positive and know you can do this!

"2017 is here and we're going to make it happen!" said Bradbury.

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