Improvements coming to Ridgeland Fire Department

RIDGELAND, SC (WTOC) - Improvements are coming to the Ridgeland Fire Department after town council decided the department has outgrown the current building.

We spoke with the Ridgeland Town Manager to find out why the remodel is needed.

The building goes back to more than 30 years when the Ridgeland Fire Department was a volunteer department, but now with a full-time staff, there just isn't enough room to accommodate the department's current needs.

The project is still in its early phase. Right now, town officials are working on hiring an architect to draw plans with specs and materials. The town will then put it out for bid, and once that process is completed, the town will have a cost in hand. ?

The fire department is not only used as a garage for the fire trucks, but it's also a daily medical center and a part-time home for current firefighters.

The town manager explained the department's needs.

"We've grown. We need areas now to accommodate walk-ins. A lot of people walk in to get medical attention. We need adequate sleeping quarters now. We've outgrown the living quarters, so it's really more a question of us accommodating the needs for growth," said Dennis Averkin, Town Manager, Ridgeland.

Town council members will decide on an architect for the project on Thursday. From there, they will work on design plans and estimate a price for the project.

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