Parvovirus quarantine lifted for Chatham County Animal Services

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Chatham County Animal Services is now officially back open.

Due to the parvovirus threat, all of the dogs that had to be housed at another facility are moving in, and those that stayed are no longer under quarantine.

All 66 dogs here had to be quarantined, but that quarantine is now lifted. It was a very necessary move while they disinfected the building top to bottom. It was to ensure the parvovirus was gone because it is highly contagious and can be very deadly in dogs.

The quarantine started when a puppy that was recently adopted from the shelter tested positive for the parvovirus. Animal Services then immediately put their emergency health plan into place. In quarantine, the pups had to be separated from each other, and they had no human contact. It was a lonely couple of weeks for them, but necessary to save their lives. Now that the hard part is over, they seem very happy to get back to their normal routine, and so is the staff.

"This shelter is very fortunate. We have indoor, outdoor animal runs, so the dogs at least got to smell the breezes, watch the squirrels and birds so they didn't go too cage crazy, but of course, it hurt us because we really wanted to touch them and interact with them like we normally do," said Kerry Sirevicius, Director, Chatham County Animal Services.

Chatham County Animal Services returned to their normal operating schedule on Wednesday. They say all of the dogs are healthy - none have the parvovirus - and they're all ready for adoption.

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