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Stand for Children Day

Growing up is tough enough, but imagine being very poor. In an effort to bring awareness to some of the issues many of these children face, several child advocacy groups took part in what's called a Stand for Children Day celebration at Lake Mayer in Savannah today.

There's nothing like a loving hand to help lead you along life's path.

"We play a real good part in their life at a young tender age where they need extra care," said Lula Cuttray of the EOA Austin House.

Extra care for children who are at the most innocent stages of their lives and who are often at the highest risk of being led down the wrong path.

"Children just need to know they are loved," said Laurita Taylor with the Greenbriar Children's Center. "They need to be cared for in an appropriate way. They need to be loved in an appropriate way and know that adults are here to protect them and guide them and to give them the encouragement they need."

For many young children, their life's path has already been blocked by obstacles like poverty, neglect and abuse. So in an effort to expose these children to a positive and loving atmosphere, several state-run daycare centers held a special picnic in their honor, where all the little ones had to worry about was having a good time.

"Children need to experience life," said Taylor. "They need to experience happy times, because they will experience sad times."

With many of these children getting the opportunity to play with others who are just like them, they also get the chance to be around dozens of grownups who will always be there to help them along.

More than 500 children between the ages of two and six attended today's event.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,

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