Savannah City Council to provide electronic agenda options with Agenda Plus

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Citizens of Savannah will soon have a more interactive and instantaneous Savannah City Council experience when it comes to viewing and learning about agenda items.

City staff says printing out paper agendas not only wastes resources and staff time, it also doesn't provide a lot of information about each item being considered.

Thanks to a planned upgrade by the Metropolitan Planning Commission, the City of Savannah could soon have an electronic agenda. The system, called Agenda Plus, is actually what the MPC has used for the past seven years or so.

The program actually allows the agenda to be viewed by the public online, along with attached additional information and even how each council member voted on each issue.

"As soon as this happens, the vote has already been tabulated, recorded and attached to the minutes of the meeting. So now, the clerks just go in, just add their notes for the actual minutes. And the preparation of the minutes is much, much faster," said Agenda Plus representative, Mark Vickers.

The goal of city staff is to have an electronic agenda in place within a month.

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