Partnership possible for maintaining recreation facilities, programs

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - It's a fresh look at an old issue, establishing a cooperation between city, county and school board staff to improve recreational facilities in Savannah.

District 4 Alderman Julian Miller started the discussion in Thursday's work session, asking his fellow aldermen and the city manager if they were on board with his proposal.

Alderman Miller says a recent meeting with coaches from a variety of sports, from all around the city, got him thinking about the issue.

When it comes to quality, city officials acknowledged many city-maintained recreational facilities leave a lot to be desired. But when it comes to availability, Miller says it became clear after looking around the city that there are many fields and existing facilities not being used, for one reason or another.

Miller says if the city, county and school board pooled resources to fix up and maintain facilities, as well as provide programs, the children of the community would be better for it.

"Kids need help, they need support, and we are not supporting them in this manner. And we are leaving them to the streets. And we look at why we have the crime issues that we have, why do we have the poverty issues that we have. And I think this is a large step towards addressing that," said Alderman Miller.

Miller says he knows there have been challenges in the past with this concept. But he'd like to see all three governing bodies come together for a meeting to discuss the partnership soon.

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