Public provides feedback at Bloomingdale City Hall on potential Coastal Empire Fair move

BLOOMINGDALE, GA (WTOC) - What does the future hold for the Coastal Empire Fair? We are one step closer to finding out after a meeting Thursday night in Bloomingdale.

Residents and business owners filled City Hall to let leaders know if they were for or against a proposed location change to Ottawa Farms. It turns out, most people don't want to see the fair there, because of things like traffic and possible crime.

"We don't need the stuff that goes on, that has gone on in Savannah and I have property directly across the street," said Loraine Phillips, a resident against the fair moving to Bloomingdale.

"I think it's a good thing for the community and the local business owners. I'm excited as a resident to have it right in our backyard. My only concerns really are for security and traffic, but I know that our mayor has already been in contact with Sheriff Wilcher and I think that can easily be addressed. Overall, I think it would be a great thing for the community," said David Otakie, a resident who supports the potential move.

A final decision on whether or not the Fair will move to Bloomingdale will be made by City Council on January 17. We'll keep you updated.

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