SCMPD officer buys neighborhood basketball goal

(Source: SCMPD)
(Source: SCMPD)

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Some kids in an East Savannah neighborhood got a surprise visit from several police officers Friday afternoon.

The officers' special gift for the neighborhood is likely to keep a lot of those kids busy after school.

Officer Andrew Wynn and his fellow officers from the Central Precinct delivered a brand new basketball goal to a home at Ott and 39th streets.

It started when Wynn stopped to play basketball with them one day. He realized the ball was flat and the goal had no rim.

He says his upbringing and experiences with police encouraged him to buy the new goal and basketball.

"I grew up in this type of atmosphere. So I know how the police are portrayed in this atmosphere. So I felt like if I ever get to this point, in a position where I can help out, I was going to change the outlook on how people viewed the police," said Officer Wynn.

He hopes his gift shows that not all officers are bad and they're really here to help the community.

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