Good News: The Grey added to historic registry

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The Atlantic Greyhound Bus Terminal is where Savannah once went to come and go.

Half a century after it closed, the building is still coming into its own.

"This building," historic preservation consultant, Bob Ciucevich said," is thought to be the best example of streamlined modern in Georgia."

The Greyhound terminal, fully restored and now home to the popular Grey Restaurant, has been listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

It's a prestigious designation and a reward for the owners' painstaking renovation inside and out.

"The ivory and blue paneling (on the exterior) were not there anymore," Ciucevich said of some of the work that was done. "And the framework for the canopy was still here, but the iconic Greyhound marquee was no longer present. So all of those items had to be returned in order for it to be eligible for the listing."

Ciucevich consulted on the restoration and completed the National Register application for a building that he says has national and local historic significance.

"It's my understanding," he said, "that some of the NAACP marches might have come through here. We never got a lot of information on that, but it would have been around at that time. But it was a social hub. They actually had bands play here on weekends."

Much of the building has been restored to its original appearance, often with the original materials.

"The waiting room is exactly like it was with the original pressed wood paneling and the terrazzo floors," said Ciucevich. "And the amazing skylight, too. All that's there."

It's all recognized as the latest piece of history in this historic city.

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