Bryan County teen heading to inauguration

BRYAN CO., GA (WTOC) - A local teen is making his way to the U.S. Capitol to listen to President-elect Donald Trump at his inauguration and he has an even bigger goal that he needs your help to accomplish.

Cole Barfield, the 16-year-old from Bryan County, says it's his calling and life mission to go into politics and he's looking for help to not only meet President-elect Trump, but give him a look into the issues the younger generation faces.

"For someone his age to be that politically motivated and involved is remarkable," said Young Republicans Advisor, Russ Carpenter.

"My whole mission for this campaign is to get the teenage generation involved," said Barfield.

Barfield has been working for months to see his vision come to life. The Richmond Hill High School junior, who has no political background in his family, wants to have a face-to-face with Trump and express his views, opinions and concerns from the younger generation and eventually run for president himself.

"We are the future of the United States. Our parents and adults are moving up and into retirement, we're the future workforce, we're the future political face and we're the future business owners of this country," said Barfield.

Although he's very active in the Young Republicans group at this school, he says his campaign is one that's not for either party but one to get the millennials active in politics.

He's doing it all through social media to reach the masses.

"These little funny videos get millions and millions and millions of views, so I thought if I can bring a message that makes sense and is persuasive to the American people and the American teenage generation, they would share it and it would continue to get views," Barfield said.

After hopefully meeting Trump, he wants to bring the knowledge back and share it with his peers so they can really understand what's going on and get involved.

He says his message to the young is hope.

"Yes, you don't have to agree with everything he says. Yes, you don't even have to agree with him at all but you need to at least have hope in the man for our future," said Barfield.

Cole is headed to the inauguration thanks to the help of Congressman Buddy Carter and he says he needs your help by sharing his post to hopefully getting his message to the President-elect.

Cole wants to meet you this Saturday at Panera Bread in Pooler from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. to talk about his vision.

Click here to go to Barfield's official Facebook page.

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