CNT Nabs Suspected Drug Trafficker

Marijuana seized in the bust.
Marijuana seized in the bust.

The Savannah-Chatham Counter Narcotics Team made a major drug bust today. But it wasn't the drugs they got, it was the suspect they got that made it such a success. The bust happened on Shell Road near Skidaway Road on Savannah's east side.

Omar Griffin, a man CNT agents have been looking for for months, was living in a house there. When agents got that information this morning, they moved in on the wanted man. The 25-year-old was one of Savannah's most wanted, until now.

"Today's arrest was very significant because we were able to remove a major drug trafficker from the streets of Savannah," said Lt. Greg Mitchell.

CNT agents were acting on a tip. They had search warrants in hand, and when Griffin came out, they went in.

"We had eight to ten felony warrants on Mr. Griffin," said Sgt. Russell Smith.

Those warrants stem from three indictments which include several counts of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, bailing jumping and theft by receiving.

"He's been on the run, evading us for quite some time, so this is a major victory for the CNT," said Lt. Mitchell.

Police say he's been trafficking pot and cocaine in Savannah for at least three years. They got some of that off the streets today: a pound and half of marijuana.

"It's hydroponic marijuana, which is a high quality, it's grown without soil and it carries a high THC quality, which makes it a higher-end product and cost more on the street," said Sgt. Smith.

Police hope Omar Griffin's arrest will lead to more and bigger drug busts in Chatham County.

"Many times, people who distribute drugs have many contacts, because they get them from somewhere, and our ultimate goal is to get at the source of the narcotics, so this arrest hopefully will lead to that end," said Lt. Mitchell.
Griffin was questioned this afternoon by CNT agents and is now in the Chatham County jail.
Reported by: Michelle Paynter,