SCMPD Asst. Chief Julie Tolbert not dismissed from civil corruption lawsuit

SCMPD Asst. Chief Julie Tolbert not dismissed from civil corruption lawsuit

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A Chatham County Superior Court judge is allowing lawyers to move ahead with their civil corruption lawsuit against several former and current city officials. All fallout from the corruption investigation that sent several high-ranking Savannah-Chatham Metro Police officers, including Chief Willie Lovett, packing or to prison.

Thursday, the judge dismissed several names from the civil suit, including former City Manager Michael Brown and former County Commission Chairman, Pete Laikakis.

However, still part of the suit is current Assistant Police Chief Julie Tolbert and former chief, Lovett. The complaint claims that Lovett, Tolbert and other managers in city and county government were part of a criminal enterprise that helped and even profited from illegal narcotics being shipped to the streets of Savannah.

Lovett ended up with a federal prison term of 7 years.

Most others escaped prosecution but have since left their positions in government.

Attorney Will Claiborne represents a group of officers who blew the whistle on the scheme and paid the price through reassignments and firings.

"The number one thing that our clients have always wanted was to bring this situation to light and let everyone in the community know exactly how bad and how corrupt things were when Willie Lovett was in charge. Going all the way up to the city level," said Claiborne.

The case now can move into discovery and depositions.

We'll let you know when the case actually heads to court.

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