Willie Moore found guilty for the 2015 murder of his fiancé

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Willie Moore has been found guilty for the 2015 murder of his fiancé, Mandi Kaiser.

On the fourth and final day of the trial, jurors heard closing arguments from Moore's attorney and the prosecutor. While the things said in closing arguments can't be considered as evidence by the jury, it can be a poignant recap of all the detail and testimony they've heard over the past four days.

"The only true and just verdict in this case, is the words guilty on malice murder," said Chatham County Assistant District Attorney Frank Pennington.

Malice murder is the charge that carries the harshest penalty, just one of five different charges Moore faces for the 2015 death of Mandi Kaiser.

Kaiser was found beaten and strangled to death inside the couple's Apache Avenue home by police doing a welfare check. Moore's attorney, Bob Attridge, made the final argument Friday that the death was the result of an argument the couple was having, and the actions were in the heat of the moment, not intentional.

"At some point in time, the passions get so high, that people were acting out of passions, like my client. And he took actions which caused the death of Mandi Kaiser. And I submit to you that involuntary manslaughter, not malice murder, ill-will, hatred, spite," said Willie Moore's attorney, Bob Attridge.

Pennington, painted a very different picture, saying instead that when Kaiser tried to end the couple's four-day-old engagement, Moore snapped.

"I'm done, here's the ring. She turned her back and I haven't used the word 'monster' yet, but I'll do it now. When she turned her back on that monster over there, and he grabbed her by the shirt and it was on. It was on. And when you look at those injuries to her arms, look at them, she's trying like hell to protect herself," said Pennington.

Pennington reminded jurors of testimony on Kaiser's autopsy that found more than 90 injuries on her body, including broken ribs and a broken sternum.

It's been nearly two years since Kaiser's badly beaten body was found by police in the couple's apartment on Apache Avenue. Outside the courtroom, after the verdict was read, Kaiser's mother spoke to us about the jury's decision, and what it meant to her and her family.

"Whatever happens to him after now, we don't care. He is gone from us, he is gone from society. He will never have a chance to hurt another woman, or take another woman's life like he did my daughter's," said Karen Collins, Mandi Kaiser's mother.

It will be a few weeks before Moore is formally sentenced. Prosecutors are seeking life without parole. Stay with WTOC for the latest developments.

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