Man, dog rescued from marsh in Beaufort

BEAUFORT, SC (WTOC) - Two young girls answering a man's call for help, playing an instrumental role in his rescue from the mud of a marsh.

The girls were out playing in their backyard that backs up to the marsh. A marsh you can barely see anything out of, let alone someone in a camouflage hat. But it's the quick actions of the girls that saved this man's life and gave this story a happy ending.

8-year-old Lilly and 5-year-old Isabelle's day off from school was anything but child's play when they heard a man calling for help, stranded in the marsh behind the home on Sycamore Street. The man was only able to be seen by waving his hat over his head.

He was chasing after a dog who was also caught in the pluff mud.

The girls heard his screams and then alerted their mother immediately, who called 911.

Beaufort-Port Royal Fire Department along with the Beaufort Marine Rescue squad responded in air boat to rescue the man. Officials say the area would have flooded just hours later in the day, possibly taking a tragic turn if the girls were not there to intervene.

"She's a hero. She's my little hero, her and Lilly. They did the right thing. They're smart. I mean, Isabelle comes from a big family, too. She knows to go get help. Go get help if he says he needs help, come get Mommy," said Sissy McCalm, the mother.

Talking with the mother and grandmother of these girls, they say their children were in the right place at the right time and made the right call to save that man's life.

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