Savannah women prepare for historic march in Washington

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SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - On a day when Americans celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., hundreds of Savannah women are gearing up for a historic march in Washington, DC this weekend.

They're joining a massive group of 250,000 women expected to march the day after the inauguration. It's not in protest to President-elect Donald Trump's presidency, but as a way to make sure their voice is heard.

Savannah women started preparations for this massive march with a portrait shoot Sunday. On Friday, they will set out by train, plane and car to take their voice to our country's most powerful person: the president.

"That's phenomenal, right? That's so phenomenal that we're all participating in this huge, historical experience," said organizer Courtnay Coco Papy.

The idea started just days after November's election.

"Like one minute we were kind of like what do we do now, and the next I'm trying to book like three buses out of Georgia," said Papy.

Women of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds are taking part, hoping to make a lasting impact for women in this country.

"When groups are in solidarity together, and you can see that historically, the movements are much more efficient, and they have more impact," said participant Liz Rhaney.

"I'm concerned about social justice. Also about environmental justice and I'm hoping our new president will hear our voice and he'll consider our concerns," said marcher Janie Brodhead.

Brodhead is also marching for her grandchildren, her gay daughter and others who may feel marginalized.

"Today is Martin Luther King Day and I think about the March for Freedom that happened when he spoke, and it's really important that people continue to have that freedom to express their concerns," said Brodhead.

"I wanted to go just to have that experience of being a part of a broader movement and really seeing who I'm all in solidarity with," said Rhaney.

Coco Papy - a local activist - has been instrumental in making this march come to fruition for Savannah women. She hopes it leads to more activism at both the local and state level. She also has another goal.

"In the future, that myself and all the other women who are participating in this event can be the shoulders for one, two, three generations down the road," said Papy.

For Papy and hundreds of others, it may start with this march, but they hope it doesn't end there.

The women going all have different reasons for being a part of this march. They all share the same idea, though: That this march can have a lasting impact on people's courage to speak out on issues they feel strongly about.

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