Developers denied extra hotel stories in downtown Savannah

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - More hotels could soon be built in downtown Savannah but two of them certainly won't be topping the skyline.

One proposed hotel would be at Drayton Street and East Huntingdon Street, right across from Forsyth Park near Savannah Law School.  Developers initially wanted six stories; however, they did not qualify.  So, they were recently approved to build four stories which is the maximum height for that site.

When it comes to deciding how tall one building can be verse another building and why some buildings are granted a bonus story while others are not, it doesn't just come down to zoning districts, it gets very technical.

"I think one of the misconceptions is that there is a one-size fits all approach for downtown and there's really not. The height map, as I mentioned, is in some cases even parcel by parcel," said Ellen Harris, Director of Urban Planning and Historic Preservation.  "The idea is that it reflects the historic character around it. So, what might be appropriate in one location is very much not appropriate in another location."

Another proposed hotel at Liberty Street and Tattnall Street right across from the Savannah Civic Center is a little complex.  The site is partially in a four story and partially in a five-story height zone.  Developers also requested a bonus story.

The Historical Review Board has yet to approve the height for this hotel.

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